Age of Empires 2 – Cheat Codes

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How to use

Press “Enter” on your keyboard to open the in-game chat window. Then type one of the codes listed below and hit “Enter” to activate.


  • To save you time with inputting cheat codes, you can make use of the Copy and Paste shortcut keys (CTRL + C and CTRL + V). This is especially useful if you are repeating the same code multiple times.

Cheat Codes

Note: Cheat codes will work with Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition.

  • 10,000 food: cheese steak jimmy's
  • 10,000 wood: lumberjack
  • 10,000 gold: robin hood
  • 10,000 stone: rock on
  • 100,000 of all resources: ninjalui
  • Full map: marco
  • Disable Fog of War: polo
  • Instant building and resource gathering: aegis
  • Saboteur unit: to smithereens
  • Shelby AC Cobra: how do you turn this on
  • Flying Dog: woof woof
  • Control animals instead of men: natural wonders
    Note: Player will lose control of their own units. This cannot be reversed.
  • Win campaign: i r winner
  • Lose campaign: resign
  • Slay all opponents: black death
  • Slay select opponent: torpedo
  • Slay Opponent 1: torpedo1
  • Slay Opponent 2: torpedo2
  • Slay Opponent 3: torpedo3
  • Slay Opponent 4: torpedo4
  • Slay Opponent 5: torpedo5
  • Slay Opponent 6: torpedo6
  • Slay Opponent 7: torpedo7
  • Slay Opponent 8: torpedo8
  • Destroy yourself: wimpywimpywimpy
  • Alfred the Alpaca: alpaca simulator
  • Useless villager: i love the monkey head
  • Little Monkey: furious the monkey boy

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