Age of Empires – Cheat Codes

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How to use:

Press “Enter” on your keyboard to open the in-game chat window. Then type one of the codes listed below and hit “Enter” to activate.

Cheat Codes:

Note: Cheat codes will work with Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.

  • 1000 Food: pepperoni pizza
  • 1000 Wood: woodstock
  • 1000 Stone: quarry
  • 1000 Gold: coinage
  • Reveal the entire map: reveal map
  • Remove fog of war: no fog
  • Instant build: steroids
    Note: Will effect all players including opponents
  • Win campaign: homerun
  • Lose campaign: resign
  • Kill all opponents: diediedie
  • Destroy specific player: kill[insert number]
    Example: “kill2” will eliminate player 2
  • Destroy yourself: hari kari
  • Winsett’s Z – rocket launcher car: bigdaddy
    Note: Attack damage is higher than Winsett’s other Z, but has a slower rate of fire. Is a black car instead of a white car. Requires a town center.
  • Winsett’s other Z – rocket launcher car: big momma
    Note: Attack damage is lower than Winsett’s Z, but has a higher rate of fire. Is a white car instead of a black car. Requires a town center.
  • Spawn a laser trooper: photon man
    Note: Requires a town center
  • Spawn a nuke trooper: e=mc2 trooper
    Note: Requires a town center
  • Spawn a babyprez: pow
    Note: Requires a town center
  • Spawn a zug 209 robot: stormbilly
    Note: Requires a town center
  • Spawn a St. Francis that summons lightning every 3 seconds: convert this!
    Note: Requires a temple
  • Villagers get a second chance at life – When a villager is killed they are reincarnated as a black rider, but if killed again they are reincarnated as a heavy catapult: medusa
    Note: This only happens to new villagers not existing ones. Villagers created using this cheat are unable to gather resources. Requires a town center.
  • Grant priests 600 HP and speed them up: hoyohoyo
  • Change bowmen into Stealth Archers: dark rain
    Note: Stealth Archers can walk over water and will turn into trees when idle. Are affected by regular archer upgrades.
  • Chariot archers move and fire faster: psidflintmobile
  • All horse archers and cavalry archers will turn into a black rider: black rider
  • Upgrade the range of ballista’s and helepolis to 100: icbm
  • Catapults will fire peasants: jack be nimble
  • Change all stone throwers and catapults into Big Bertha: big bertha
    Note: Big Bertha is a stronger unit compared to stone throwers and catapults.
  • Change Catapult Triremes and Juggernauts into Flying Dutchman: flying dutchman
    Note: The Flying Dutchman unit is a ship which can move on land.
  • Control animals: gaia
    Note: Player will lose control of their own units. This cannot be reversed.
  • All birds become dragons: king arthur
  • Change all animals into their alpha versions: grantlinkspence
    Note: The animals will become more powerful

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