HMA VPN is now a No-Log VPN

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It’s been a long wait, but HMA have finally taken a big privacy first stance, which was seriously needed. As of around 5th May 2020, HMA VPN has become a No-Log VPN.

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What does this mean?

According to HMA’s “no logging policy”, their VPN will not log your:

  • Original IP address
  • DNS queries
  • Online activity
  • Amount of data transferred
  • VPN connection timestamps

No logging does not mean, no information recorded

However, HMA’s no logging policy does not mean, no information will be recorded.

HMA will still record some temporary information which they claim to be anonymous. The information recorded includes:

  • Day you connect and general time
  • Amount of data transmitted, rounded to the hundredth Mb

HMA state that all of this information will be deleted after 35 days.

Although HMA will not keep a specific data transferred figure, they apparently still need to collect an overall figure of data transfer amounts, in order to help with network capacity and server improvements. But don’t worry, they are very explicit, in that they “have no idea what the data actually is”.

Have a look at HMA’s no logging policy for yourself:

Good news, but not perfect

I’ve used HMA’s VPN service for years, and it’s about time they stopped logging most information. I’m not sure how necessary it is to keep the few bits of information they need, but at least it’s only temporary and anonymous.

However there is still a gripe to be had with these changes, as let’s face it, they’re still not perfect.

First of all, they still keep the few bits of information mentioned, and one could still question how anonymous that data really is. When you read the no logging policy, it reads as though the data is down to an individual user, not an overall total of multiple users data. So, that’s something to remember.

Lastly, although the anonymous information they keep is deleted after 35 days, that’s still a considerable amount of time. I understand HMA may feel they need to keep some information to help manage their network and servers, but do they really need to keep it for such a long time, if at all.

Overall, it’s good that HMA have made this crucial step foreword. In today’s world privacy is becoming a real issue, and depending on the country, a VPN is essential. With ISPs selling data and big corporations recording data and tracking too, having any sort of personal privacy is difficult, and if more laws and legal enforcement for privacy against these companies don’t happen, then the world is certainly going to need more VPNs which don’t keep logs.

After all, if a VPN keeps logs on what you do on the internet, is a VPN really that private? Sounds a bit counterintuitive.

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